Why do companies want to hire DevOps?

A lot of companies these days are looking for DevOps. Someone read or heard something somewhere, about how great DevOps are. Apparently when you hire some DevOps, they get everything working together smoothly, and shorten your release cycles by at least 200%. DevOps are kind of similar to that other gem of late: the fullstack developer. They know everything, so they’ll fix everything and get shit done. And ofcourse ‘getting stuff done’ === ‘mad profitz!’. Allright, enough with the sarcasm.

'There are no DevOps'

In the same sense you can’t hire an ‘Agile’, a ‘Scrum’ or a ‘Human centered design’. DevOps is a movement, an approach to teams and projects. Integrating development and operations smooths away barriers that make teams more effective and fosters real teamwork on all parts.

You can't hire DevOps

DevOps is a view on software development. Developers and operations should overlap, take notice of eachothers work, be a team that get’s your product shipped. There are tools to help do this, and developers and system operators can create tools that help eachother. So, hire one of those. Or someone who has a knack for both.