off the top of my head

What did I learn? Did I even really learn stuff?
Let's find out!

  • I have more things to do, than I have time.
  • I am content not to know everything.
  • Many things that trouble me are things I can give up in an instance.
  • I can choose what bothers me.
  • Really, REALLY listening is very hard.
  • Transparency and continuous improvement are key in many things.
  • Giving a talk at a conference is a cool experience. Also boosts your professional network.
  • Coaching is much more ‘talk to the duck’ than giving great advice or insightful questions.
  • Everybody is winging it. Everybody.
  • The news makes me unhappy.
  • I need to think more about why I do things.
  • Money != happiness, but it’s very helpful.
  • There’s only so much you can do on your own.
  • Advocating something you believe in requires much repetition. Go far beyond being sick of yourself.
  • Logical in my mind doesn’t mean it’s logical in someone else’s.
  • Simplicity is a noble art worth striving for.
  • Life is always challenging, choose the challenges you want to have.
  • I often simultaneously over- and underestimate myself.
  • I need to exercise more.
  • Expectations can ruin a lot of things.
  • Knowing or feeling something is true doesn’t mean you can act accordingly.

I wonder what 2019 holds. Cheers!