Start something, try something, do something

Movement; a recurring theme

During a few months of in-depth reading on Agile, team dynamics and development practices, a fundamental truth keeps popping up. Maybe even more so, it shows it’s head during everyday work. We all know it, it proves itself time and again, it’s…

Better to take small steps and make decisions than nothing at all

No matter what the issue, how big or complex, taking a small step is always better than waiting or taking lot’s of time to figure out the ‘big’ step. It’s all too easy to get paralyzed. Same goes for decisions. Any decision is better than no decision. There’s always a best option at that moment, of which the ramifications will generally not be diar, and certainly not as bad as you’ve imagined. So:

  • Any decision is better than no decision
  • Chip away your complex issue by taking the smallest possible step

… or more poetically put …

  • Fear is the mind-killer
  • Perfect is the enemy of good

No, this is not new and probably not insightful, but I keep seeing people held hostage by indecision. Indecision, fear and perfectionism will destroy the most fortunate of ventures.