21st of December, 2016

Thought it would be good to save the /now from half a year ago, you can read it below. Things have changed a bit!

  • Moving places is my family’s number one priority. We’re putting all our effort into buying a nice and quiet house in the countryside. Hmmm… peace and quiet.
  • In the few spare minutes I have, some work is being done on a small project centered around public speaking. It’s called speakerton.com, and meant to become a place where speakers can market themselves to the world.
  • I still do some reading on agile methodologies, though less intense. I got PSM I certified this year and really want to obtain PSM II as well.
  • Fiction reading, it rocks! I really fell in love with it again. How could I ever forget what a relaxing and grounding passtime fun reading makes.
  • The agile centered website is in the fridge for now. It’s online with a single article on the 2016 scrum update, but that’s it. In the future I do want to continue working on it, mostly by writing large in-depth articles on very specific agile or scrum related topics. Something like a quarterly magazine, with each issue publishing something resembling a white paper or small booklet. However, not for /now :)

14th of Juli, 2016

I’ve always got a lot going on. I try to keep myself in check, it’s easy to lose focus. My focus outside of office hours currently lies with:

  • Agile reading, focused on improving coaching skills and building teams.
  • Making the most of my spare time. It actually takes focus = p
  • Furthering plans toward launching an agile / scrum centered website, meant to share knowledge and reach and/or help other professionals. Trying to determine the best angle(s) to suit my expertise.
  • Being there for my girl and daughter.
  • Keeping everything relaxed. Doing one thing first, then the other. Taking small steps and decisions rather than nothing at all.